At present, the department maintains elementary and general physics laboratories with facilities to conduct experiments in mechanics, optics, thermal physics, electricity and magnetism, and sound. Each of these laboratories can accommodate forty students. In addition, there are two well-equipped laboratories dedicated for optics and electronics. There is another laboratory for students majoring physics, which can be occupied by about twenty students. Usually, each laboratory class is of three-hour duration and the total amount of laboratory usage time is about 40 hours per week. Networked computer facilities are available in these laboratories for performing computer aided experiments. A research laboratory is also available for the postgraduate research work.




The department shares six lecture theatres with other departmentsand the average seating capacity of each is about 150 students. Most of them are equipped with OHPs and multimedia projectors. Department maintains a seminar room to conduct seminars and lectures for the BSc (Special) Degree Programmes.

The University main library has about 500 seating capacity and there are more than 2500 titles in textbooks, journals and reference books related to the subjects Physics and Electronics. In addition, the department has a small departmental library with a fair collection of Physics related books. The postgraduate library of the Faculty reserved for special degree and postgraduate students.

Repair and Instrumentation Unit of the Faculty of Science is currently maintained by the Department of Physics. This unit carries out required repair and maintenance works of the electric and electronic items including laboratory equipment, instruments, devices etc. A well experienced technical officer is attached to the unit which is functioning under the supervision of a senior staff member