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Research Seminars 2014-15

Each year, the Department of Industrial Management hosts research seminars from a variety of researchers working on topics aligned with our research interests. These speakers are often leading experts in the fields of Management and Information Technology invited by the department staff. Management we have enjoyed subjects as diverse as Economics and Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Consumer Behaviour. IT seminars have spanned Information Systems and Electronic Commerce, Industrial Systems Engineering, Health Informatics, Systems Modeling and Optimization and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education related researches. We invite doctoral students from the overseas universities and the personalities from the corporate sector to conduct these research seminars.


The details related to the series of research seminars as follows:

Seminar Coordinator: Dr. Keerthi Wijayasiriwardhane







2.00 pm

PG Lab, Department of Industrial Management

Mr. Dinush Wimalachandra

Role of Strategic Orientation in New Product Development

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