Why MIT Graduates?

Student from all parts of the country obtaining good Z-scores in the science stream of A/L studies seek to join the Department of Industrial Management of the Faculty of Science to brighten their future with this unique subject combination of Management and Information Technology. Systems Engineering, Database Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Strategic Management, International Trade and Export Marketing and Entrepreneurship Development, Human Resources and Behavioural Study, Leadership Development are among a few of the areas they study and specialize if necessary during their 3 to 4 years of knowledge exploration at our department.

Industrial Training program is one of the highlights of our program and the culmination of the first two years of the learning experience. It enables our undergraduates to integrate and apply theories, knowledge, skills and values acquired through their first and second year in areas related to their interests and learning needs. It also provides them with the opportunity for experiential learning, linking and reflecting upon the relationship between theoretical perspectives and field experience, and an opportunity to develop competence in a range of work skills. Industrial Training allows undergraduates to develop networks and career opportunities with leading Sri Lankan organizations, providing an advantageous position to gain future full-time employment.


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